Biofuel energy solutions. Biofuel is humanity’s oldest economical and environmentally friendly source of renewable fuel.

We have been working in this sector since 1993 and were one of the first biofuel boiler plant builders in the country – we built a biofuel boiler plant for UAB Kazlų Rūdos Metalas and soon installed our first biofuel-fed furnace – of our own design – as well. We were the first company in Lithuania to build a container-type boiler plant and the first to install a condensing economizer. As biofuel energy developers, we can offer advanced and unique solutions for projects of various sizes and types that we can design, assemble, install and maintain.

The advantages of our biofuel solutions include the adaptation of existing boiler plants to burn biofuel and the implementation of new projects from coordination to ignition. We can change projects according to the desired biofuel type and install automated systems that are easy to control.

Our biofuel boiler plants burn fuel efficiently, so the costs of running them are low: up to 30% lower heating costs in cities and up to 50% lower energy costs in the industrial sector. They also produce less residual products and airborne particulates, meeting the highest environmental protection requirements.

Various types of biofuel power plants and boiler plants, moving-grate or fluidized bed biofuel burning technologies with steam, water heat or thermal oil boiler plants, fuel supply systems and reservoirs, flue gas cleaning equipment, and additional heat generation equipment. We also offer both maintenance and care services.

 We are glad that 60% of the energy generated from biofuel in Lithuania is generated by the Axis Technologies boiler plants and installations. The work quality is guaranteed by 26 years of experience, conformity with ISO and OHSAS quality standards.