Axis Technologies signed the construction contract with PEC Suwałki, the heat production and supply company from Suwałki, under which it will implement its first biofuel energy project on the Polish market.

The company will install a general fuel feed system, two 12.5 MW water heating boilers, a 5 MW flue gas condensing economiser and ash removal system equipment at this boiler plant. The system will feature the electrostatic precipitators for removal of particular pollutants from flue gas. The value of this project, which Axis Technologies will be implementing in cooperation with the Polish company Energetika, amounts to over 7.6 mln euro. The works will be completed before October 2020.

“The project implemented in Suwałki could become our business card on the Polish market, therefore, we focus our particular attention on this work. Currently, the majority of the energy producers in Poland prefer working with the renewable energy sources, while we can offer our competence and extensive experience in this area to the neighbouring countries,” said Paulius Arštikys, CEO of Axis Technologies.

The European Union funds are presently providing support funding for installation of renewable energy sources in the Polish energy market. The investments are aimed at reduction of emissions (SO2, NOx, solid particles) through transition from coal combustion to the use of biofuel. The biofuel energy projects are expected to be implemented not only in the energy field, but also in the electricity sector.

Axis Technologies UAB designs biofuel boiler plants and technological equipment of power plants, and builds industrial facilities, with more than 200 projects implemented in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Norway. The company renders a complex of services: technical expert appraisal of the sites, design, creation, installation, commissioning and harmonisation of equipment for the boiler plants and power stations.