Last week in Kėdainiai FEZ a fiber hemp stalk processing plant Natural Fiber was opened – it is one of the most modern factory of its kind in the world. The value of the project was EUR 8.2 million.

Axis Technologies was a general contractor for this project: it took care of the design and construction, ordered and installed the technological equipment, and carried out its launch and adjustment work.

‘The factory was built and tested according to schedule, and it has already started the production, but this is only the first step of our operations. We will continue to invest in the factory’s development and new equipment for special processing of hemp fiber,’ announced Natural Fiber’s CEO Raimondas Petreikis and expressed his gratitude to the Axis Technologies team for their work.

‘I thank the Natural Fiber company for their trust and my team for their work. Our staff’s competence in technologies and construction as well as their experience in industrial project management is the reason why clients choose us for the construction of not only biomass plants but also other industrial sites,’ said Axis Technologies CEO Paulius Arštikys.

Currently the factory is capable of processing 30,000 tons of hemp stalks per year, which can be used to produce 10,000 tons of hemp fiber. The area of the factory is 5,200 sq. metres, and it is built on a 2.5 ha territory.

The production process of Natural Fiber is waste free. The factory mainly produces hemp fiber and other products for the textile industry: technical fiber, shives and pellets. The technical fiber is relevant to the car and paper industries, manufacturers of bioplastics and felt. The shives are used in agriculture for animal and plant care and in the construction sector as an eco-friendly construction material, and the hemp pellets are used as a biomass for heating.