Container-type boiler plant

Main components:

  • Water-heating boiler with furnace.
  • Fuel feeder.
  • Fuel feeding screw.
  • Furnace hydraulic power unit.
  • Multi-cyclone
  • Air and flue gas ducts.
  • Air fan.
  • Flue gas pump.
  • Automation system cabinet.
  • Water pump and fitting module.

Principle of operation: Container-type modular boiler plant is used for heating residential buildings, production premises and other types of premises when buildings are provided with the heating system and utilise solid biofuel, e.g. sawdust, wood chips or pellets.

Rated thermal capacity
up to 1 mw
Biofuel moisture content, w
Recommended fuel characteristics
sawdust, wood chips (maximum 50 mm)
Fuel consumption
402.3 kg/h 1.34 m3/h 32.2 m3 per day

Capacity of mobile fuel tank
35 m3
Power demand when operating at rated power, kw
17.5 kw
  • Mobility and quick installation: boiler plant can be easily moved, mounted and connected elsewhere. The containers do not need a foundation or fastening to the ground (an even solid base is sufficient), so a building permit is not required.
  • Designed and mounted automation equipment guarantees versatility of solutions.
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