Straw-fired boiler plants

Main components: 

  • Fuel supply system (pellet hopper, flexible conveyor).
  • Furnace with water-cooled grate, feed screw, and primary, secondary and tertiary air ventilators.
  • Heat generation equipment: pressurised part of the water heating exhaust pipes boiler, boiler primary accessory, boiler surface cleaning (compressed air soot blower) equipment, boiler insulation and metal cladding.
  • Ash removal system (chain conveyor).
  • Combustion products cleaning system (multi-cyclone, flue gas pump and flue gas ducts).
  • Automation and process control system.

Principle of operation: Straw bales are lifted onto the worktable of a crusher by forklift. The bales are moved from the fuel transfer table to the crusher, from where crushed straw is transported by means of a scraper conveyor to the screw conveyor, which transfers fuel into the feeder of the furnace. In order to reduce the boiler plant’s impact on the environment, a flue gas cleaning system – a multi-cyclone that cleans flue gas down to permitted solid particle concentrations – is used.

Straw is one of the more beneficial and efficient biofuel alternatives, the combustion of which requires specialised equipment. Straw-fired boiler plants utilise both straw bales and pellets, which enhances versatility.

Rated power of the system according to generated thermal energy (hot water)
up to 1 mw (100%)
Operating pressure of the system (water circuit)
≤ 6 bar
Operating temperature of water
≤ 110 ºc
CO (after boiler)
500–1000 mg/nm³

NOx (after boiler when nitrogen content in fuel is up to 0.5)
300–500 mg/nm³
≤ 200 mg/nm³
Solid particles
≤ 250 mg/nm³
  • Fully automatic operation of the boiler plant.
  • Fuel system is suited for operation with rectangle bales.
  • Option to incinerate straw as well as straw or wood pellets without any modification of the grate.
  • Cooled grate for burning various biofuels of varying moisture content (straw up to 20%, pellets up to 8–12%).
  • Low operating costs.
  • Maintenance and support services.
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