Main components:

  • Raw material and fuel warehouses with moving floor.
  • Raw material drying and sawdust transportation installations.
  • Sawdust pellet forming equipment.
  • Pellet transportation and packing installations.

Principle of operation: Moving platforms carry raw material from the warehouse to conveyors, which bring it to pellet forming machines. The machines compress sawdust to form pellets, which are then carried by separate conveyors to packing installations. 

Boiler plant
2.5 мw, 8000 mwh per year, 6 bar, 110°c
Drying line furnace capacity
7 mw
Pelleting line capacity
6 t/h
Annual pellet output
50 000 t

sawdust, wood chips, wood bark
Relative moisture content of fuel
Heating value of fuel
7.16 mj/kg
Fuel warehouse capacity
150 m3

Raw material
sawdust and wood chips from debarked pine wood
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